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Man Yells at Cloud

Hello World!

August 23, 2022
A clip from The Simpsons of an old man yelling at a cloud
Image Credit:The Simpsons

Hi, and thanks for checking out this still very new attempt at writing!

As is the way with all things that devs lay their hands on, this has to start with a grubby little "hello world".

Having had a vague idea for a domain and a passion for building things in the cloud, I thought I'd create a space where I can post some tutorials that will hopefully help people out. Because I'm a dev, I had to massively overcomplicate that process by building something myself, and god forbid any of my more front-end oriented friends see the bits of string and paperclips that loosely hold this poor thing together.

That all being said, it was a good learning opportunity which hopefully helps set a decent tone for whatever it is I'm intending to do here. My main goals for this space are:

  • Help people get started in the cloud (specifically with AWS at the moment)
  • Amplify interesting topics for people who are already elbow-deep in the cloud
  • Use it as an opportunity to force myself to learn things in a way that's comfortable to me
  • Occasionally yell / gently snark at the cloud

I'll probably get around to adding (and documenting the process for) some form of comments, but for now if you have questions about anything I throw up here, feel free to reach out to me on my Twitter