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Man Yells at Cloud

Do not try this at home: What I learned from smashing two regions of infrastructure together

March 14, 2024
Look, sometimes you make bets early on in the process and they don't pan out. It happens! I've wanted to write this post since the first…
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The Lambda and IAM logos

Adding cross account invoke permissions to a Lambda function with the Serverless Framework

January 2, 2024
We will add some Cloudformation to a simple Serverless application that allows a Lambda within to be invoked by a principal in a different…
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Some compressed code

I'm deleting all of my AWS IAM keys

March 18, 2023
I’m done with AWS keys. Keeping AWS keys around is like having a key to your house. You have to keep the keys safe, make sure you’ve got…
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Some compressed code

How I set up a Gatsby blog on AWS

August 24, 2022
Hi! In this post, I'm going to run through what I did to get…
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A clip from The Simpsons of an old man yelling at a cloud

Hello World!

August 23, 2022
Hi, and thanks for checking out this still very new attempt at writing! As is the way with all things that devs lay their hands on, this has…
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